Descriptive Essay About Roger Gaboury

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When anyone who knows Roger Gaboury they can picture him almost immediately they see his long grey hair that reaches his shoulders and his sideburns to match that are nearly longer than his hair. However, whenever you have had a conversation with him, you see his wide, bold, piercing blue eyes that seem so clear but are so comforting. He always has on a vest...ALWAYS, usually under the vest is a long sleeve shirt of some sort whether is came from a cerebral palsy charity walk or a school pride shirt and always had on khakis, it was “the Gaboury look” some of his classes used to reference. Needless to say his look was very distinct to say the least. However, when someone mentions Gaboury to me I remember his unique thoughts and bright intelligence…show more content…
I could not do work or feel like I could even speak without an intense amount of effort that I did not have, it felt like my thoughts would not combine to make any actual words or anything come out on paper or speech. I started over a few weeks barely going to school, doing work, anything really. Gaboury would email me, call me, text me constantly to check on me but I never answered, I never knew what to say. One day though, about a month after Draven’s death I found myself in school and getting called into my guidance counselor 's office, when I went in my guidance counselor, social worker and gaboury sat in a row together and I sat across from them. Without anybody speak Gaboury looked at me and smiled a light goofy smile like he always had when I had come into his classroom in eleventh grade and sat at his…show more content…
It felt truthfully slightly better knowing that I was actually cared about. Most of my thoughts through that month had been so depressing and not very soulful. I truthfully thought for a while it could be the end of me and I knew that Gaboury knew what I was thinking all month long, I was a different person and he saw it. Every day for about a week I sat in the back corner of Gaboury’s class and tried to figure out what was wrong with me, why i physically could not do anything or even think clearly. After that week in every class Gaboury would get the class started and he would pull up a desk near me and sit with me, he would break down all of the work and even start slowly by asking me to just write my name on the paper and sometimes that was too much. I recall getting so stressed out and panicked when I had to do more and more and when I stressed he would simply say, “look at me,” I would do so, “Relax, I’m not going anywhere and we are going to do this together, your light is dim, not out, and we are going to brighten it. “ I would work with him during class, at lunch and after school daily on all of my school subjects slowly. I took 2 hours for us to get through a single math sheet Each and every day we worked harder and
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