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For many people around the world, New York City is an exciting and adventurous place, full of many experiences and opportunities. Traveling to New York City or even living in New York City is considered to be a dream to many. Many people come as tourists to explore what New York City has to offer. However, people often forget that New York City is considered home for many and not just a tourist site. The difference between those who live here and those who come as tourists, is that after living here for a long time the excitement for New York City begins to fade away. Joan Didion experienced this first hand and explains the change from being a newcomer to becoming a resident of New York in her essay Goodbye For all That. On the other hand,…show more content…
I definitely agree with Joan because after living in any place for a long time, eventually the excitement starts to wear off. Even though New York City has A LOT to offer, it still becomes boring after a while. The media, especially movies, try to portray New York City as the “dream” city to live in. It’s portrayed as a city full of exciting adventures, new opportunities, and overall a fun place to live. Yes, the fact that they call it the fun and exciting can be true if you live somewhere like Manhattan, particularly around Times Square or Broadway, where all the fun and adventurous things happen. However, after doing all the entertaining and exciting things New York City has to offer, it starts to become boring and just like any other place in the world. Reality also starts to hit you when you realize that everything in New York City costs a fortune! Therefore it makes sense that those who have been raised in New York City don’t appreciate it as much as those from the South or West, because there are also many cons to living in New York that people might not think about. Besides it being expensive, New York is also very crowded, smelly, and the weather isn’t that great either. Perhaps, the people who aren’t from the East Coast get their knowledge of New York City from the media and therefore have high hopes for New York City. In reality, those that lived or do live on the East Coast understand that the excitement wears off after a while and it no longer becomes fun and exciting. I have honestly always thought exactly what Joan Didion said. I always think that if I didn’t live in New York, it would probably be one of the main places I would want to travel too. But then I remember that I already do live in New York, and sometimes I take it for granted

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