Descriptive Essay About My Mother

Our name is a significant part of who we are. Without a name, who are we truly? I, for one, happen to love my first name, Hannah, and the reason as to why my mother chose it. I have an, exceedingly, original name but that doesn’t bother me a bit. When my mother chose my name, she didn’t care that she knew numerous Hannah’s, she just wanted to pass on her grandmother’s legacy. Hearing the stories about my great-grandmother makes me proud to have her name. She was truly an inspiring woman. It saddens me that I never had the chance to meet her. Luckily, I have my mother to share memories of her with me. My mother loves to talk about how adventurous, warm-hearted, and intelligent Hannah was. I have always been an adventurous person;…show more content…
She would take in strays constantly, no matter what type of animal it was. I deeply admire that about her. I have always loved it when my mother would tell me the story about Hannah and her foxes. One day when Hannah was in the forest behind her house, she came across a hole in the ground. In that hole were two beautiful baby foxes. She wondered where the mother was, but she didn’t have to wonder for long. About twenty feet away from the hole, the mother was dead. She, obstinately, decided that since the foxes didn’t have a mother, she would become their next mother even though my grandfather didn’t want them in the house. She cared for them for months until they were too large to keep in the house any longer. She cried because she knew she couldn’t keep them any longer, it would have been unfair to keep them contained and she understood that. Therefore, she released them into the wild. Months went by and she was heartbroken thinking something, dreadful, had happened to them. Until one night, she heard a noise outside and went to investigate. On her porch stood two, stunning, foxes. She knew without a doubt that they were her foxes. She was worried that after all the time that had passed, they wouldn’t recognize her. But, they did. They ran toward her and begin licking her all over; she played with them for hours. After they left that night, she never saw them again. But, she knew in her heart that they were all right and still
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