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Countless restaurants have very appetizing sounding dishes; but as soon as I read that there are mushrooms in them they become inedible to me. One thing that I have never liked no matter how many times I’ve tried is mushrooms. Furthermore it is not only the taste, which is horrendous, but the texture as well. Descriptive words are plentiful when speaking about mushrooms and how I feel about them. Comparing I t to putting an old sponge in my mouth would be an accurate assessment. Additionally, the smell is something that I don’t even want to think about to keep myself from being sick. Mushrooms themselves are even telling us not to eat them; there are so many species of mushrooms that are deadly to humans yet people continue to eat them anyways, just doesn’t make sense to me. Based on the taste, texture, and smell of mushrooms they are…show more content…
Imagining something that might have the same texture as a mushroom would have to be that of a giant booger. Visualizing someone sticking their finger up their nose and pulling out the biggest, chewiest, slimiest booger and putting it in their mouth would summarize the consistency of mushrooms. Another way it could be described is to say that it feels like a stale gummy bear, more specifically, a gummy bear that tastes like dirt. No matter how their cooked, sautéed, grilled, thrown into soup or even deep fried, the texture doesn’t change. Not all aspects of mushrooms are unscrupulous though, oh wait, yes they are. Like previously stated they are a lot like sponges; anyone could walk into their kitchen at this moment grab the sponge they use to wash dishes or wipe down their counters and take a gigantic bite out of it. That idea would be more tolerable to me than actually taking the time to eat a mushroom. I could go on all day and night about the texture of mushrooms and how dreadful it is but there is still more about them I can’t fathom

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