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When I was little I had the cleché experience of watching my mom put her makeup on and her dusting her bright pink blush over cheeks. From there on I loved makeup and learning how to use it to enhance the natural beauty, and also the intensity and colorful side of the world. With makeup you can be anything or anyone you want. Now as I am 19 I play with makeup when I get bored or when I want to just feel good about who I am. I can remember when I was little I would always ask my mom when I could wear makeup, she would always say that I could when I get bigger, than one year at Christmas I got my first makeup set, although it was like kids and nothing was high quality and the lipsticks were pretty much clear, I was ecstatic! I could not help…show more content…
With makeup comes skincare, I have found that washing my makeup off or just taking care of my skin brings me as much joy as putting it on. Skin care is very important to me, because I know how much pores can get clogged with dirt and oil and makeup. It 's kind of disgusting if you think of it. They say that one night sleeping in your makeup adds ten years to your skin, living in a time when everyone is so crazy about looking young it is important to wash your face and moisturize and take care of your face when you are young so you stay looking young without the use of Botox or any other treatments. When you think of makeup you think of skin, makeup applies so much better over smooth healthy and clean skin. I want to be a cosmetologist or a skin care specialist so, using the bureau of labor statistics occupational outlook handbook of cosmetology and skin care comparing what each does, how the work environment is, how to become one, job outlook and pay to determine what is best for…show more content…
Although some high schools offer vocational training, most people receive their training from a postsecondary vocational school. Newly hired specialists sometimes receive on-the-job training, especially if their jobs require working with chemicals. Those who are employed in a medical environment also may receive on-the-job training, often working alongside an experienced skin care specialist. After completing an approved cosmetology or esthetician program, skin care specialists take a written and practical exam to get a state license. Licensing requirements vary by state, so those interested should contact their state board” (skincare therapist; how to become one). Passing the board exams and knowing how to treat the skin is very important to be able to keep every client 's skin healthy. “Cosmetology usually lasts at least nine months and may lead to an associate’s degree. Most of these workers take advanced courses in hairstyling or in other personal appearance services to keep up with the latest trends. Those who want to open their own business also may take courses in sales and marketing” (cosmetology; how to become one). Keeping up with new styles and techniques is important to help yourself and also a client when working with them so they know what you are doing and can potentially recreate your work for themselves in the

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