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Love is a work of art. Shades of darker black to highlight the brightness that it may bring into our lives, but at the same time, the darker shades of black showing the sorrow it may bright for us. Nevertheless, we choose to love not because we are forced to, but because we choose to. Love is food, we desire it, we devour it, we get sick of it, yet we never will forget the bittersweet taste of it. As a young and brainless child, I always assumed love to be like how it is in the movies, colorful, fun. Everything would turn itself around into a paradise, and we would like the fairy tale endings, happily ever after. Love was truly just a paradise that I haven’t ascended to yet. My first love was when I was still in High School. She was the goddess of my life, life revolved around her, my existence was based off her wellbeing. The perfect image, almost…show more content…
Plenty of people came to celebrate the unity between two people. When the priest united us as husband and wife, it felt like something eternal. But as time went on, arguments ensued, it wasn’t like we had lots to argue over, it was more we couldn’t really understand each other 's reasoning behind each others actions. Our understanding of each other got worse as time went on, something you would expect to be the opposite not the same. Too stubborn for change, too eager for something other than change. Sooner or later, we ended up breaking apart, at the end, none of us changed. Each time we fought, it was for some meaningless reason that we chose to not peacefully settle down and talk about, instead we would start a crossfire that harm innocent civilians. Our relationship was a corrupt utopia, one step before the downfall of the greatest empire. We could not save the utopia we once lived in, because we ourselves did not know what the utopia we lived in looked like. We were the corrupt Kings that brought upon the downfall of our kingdom, we were the calamity that destroyed multiple

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