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A male lion is a very prideful animal that is independently strong. Its best friend is usually his siblings and they have zero care for anybody else with the plan of taking over everywhere they go. They fight for everything they want but know how to accept defeat. They are forced at a young age to become adults so naturally they are born with the mind set of a natural born leader. They resemble their father from all aspects such as hair, body type, attitude and survival instincts. A young cub is taught to never back down and do whatever it takes to protect his family. A lion fears no man or beast but it also knows when and when not to attack. I am the youngest sibling of three brothers, many cousins and family friends around their age so I learned quick how to stand up for myself. My two older brothers are four and six years older than me; so defending myself and providing for myself is something I perfected…show more content…
He built and exact replica of himself when raising me. His hobbies are my hobbies, i enjoy doing everything he does. My mom explains to my brothers and i about when my dad was our age he was built like an ox with the perfect muscular that everybody dreamed of. Like myself now, he loved to workout. He would put us in push-up competitions when we were younger against each other and first place could win a few dollars and back then a few dollars went a long way. I read a quote that said “ If you give a man a fish then he’ll eat for a night but if you teach a man to fish then he’ll eat for a lifetime.” The same way the leader of the jungle teachers his young cubs to survive, my dad did the same thing. He gave me my first fishing reel, taught me how to hunt, then taught me how to clean and cook everything I caught. We both count down the months until it is warm enough to fish and when it is legally allowed to kill. The only difference between us is I grew up playing sports but he is still my number one

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