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Japan By: Maritza Mata If you had a free airline ticket to go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Would it be somewhere in Brazil? Or the European country of Ireland? While these may be some of the top choices for a few people living in the United States and other parts of the world, another undoubtedly common answer would be Japan. Japan is located in eastern Asia and is home to 127,103,392 citizens, making it the tenth most populated country in the world. Japan is actually an incredible place once you take into account amazing environment, the inhabitants and their culture, and the sights of the nation, the answer would come very easily. To begin, Japan has a varied physical geography. For instance, it is home to multiple rivers. The top three longest rivers in Japan are the Shinano River, the Tone River, and the Ishikari River, respectively. The Shinano River’s length measures at about 228 miles and eventually pours into the Sea of Japan. The Tone River goes on for about 200 miles, leaving it slightly shorter than the Shinano. This leaves Ishikari as the shortest of the three, only streaming for about 167 miles. However, these rivers aren’t the only magnificent features of the archipelago. Approximately 200 volcanoes rise on the nation, 60 of them active. Among them are the notable Unzen Volcano and the Sakurajima, which rises at an astounding 1,711 feet. Both volcanoes are located in Kyushu, Japan. The only difference (aside from height) is the exact locations; Unzen is adjacent to Shimabara, while Sakurajima lies near Kagoshima City. Due to volcano existence, hot springs lay at their bases. In addition to rivers and volcanoes, Japan also contains mountains. The main mountain range in the country is the Japan Alps locat... ... middle of paper ... ...ave the sight of nature can go visit the Ryoanji Temple. Turned into a Zen temple in 1405, it holds the well-known rock garden, which is made of of small pebbles and large rocks. The sight’s day of creation, intended interpretation, and creator continues to be a mystery to natives and tourists alike. The last wonderful sight found in Japan is the Tokyo Skytree. The Tokyo Skytree is 2, 080 feet, making it the tallest structure in all of Japan! Its 29 floors have multiple purposes such as an aquarium, restaurant, and a shopping center. With all of this considered, it isn’t such a mystery as to why people revere Japan. The country’s incredible geography, its people, and various sights do wonders to capture the minds of people all over the world. Japan, like all other places on earth, has unique qualities that make it a great place to see at least once in your lifetime.
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