Descriptive Essay About Dinner

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Tonight for dinner we are having my favorite meal ever, meatloaf, with this special red sauce my dad makes. “John, kick me in the shin one more time and I’m—" “Maddie, do not talk to your brother that way”, my dad says. I absolutely hate sitting across from my brother at the dinner table. We have this huge, one hundred year old table that could fit like 20 people, I swear, and my brother has to sit directly across from me. Out of all the other spots that’s where he picks to sit. He thinks it’s funny to kick me in the shins every night at dinner. I think he likes it when I yell at him because he sure does make me do it a lot. I just want to kick him back so bad sometimes. “Maddie and John can you both be quiet? I have something to…show more content…
The family pictures are falling to the floor. I can hear loud crackling noises. It sounds like the bonfires we have every summer. My room is getting hotter and the air is getting thinner as the smoke grows thicker. Where is my window? I keep tripping over the clothes on my floor. I know I’m getting closer to the window because my pile of clothes is next to my dresser which is to the left of the window. I feel it. The glass is still cold from the snow outside. The cold relieves my hands and face from the heat for a split second. “Amanda, where are you?” I can hear my dad desperately yelling my mom 's name through the hallway. I can’t get my window open. The plastic latch that locks and unlocks the window is melted. How am I going to get it open? If I can’t get out, then I’m going to die in this little box. I do not want to burn to death! That would be the worst way to die! Hopefully, I will lose consciousness from the smoke first. That would be better. I would not feel the pain from the fire. I can see the smoke rolling in under the door. It looks like giant clouds quickly filling my room to the point where I can’t see anything but
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