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As a college student I have become very appreciative of my computer because it facilitates and assist me at school on daily bases, however, the computer was not always this sophisticated tool that we all use today, far from that, the computer has been modified and recreated many times in order to achieve its very useful characteristics that make our lives more efficient. Today’s computer is the outcome of years of developing accompanied by intellectual individuals who have created essential components to this machine, in addition, those who today continue to improve this extraordinary machine.
The first computer ever created was developed by John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, two very smart individuals who at the time assisted to the University of Pennsylvania. The name given to this first computer was ENIAC, which stands for Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator. As its name suggested this device was only capable of preforming numerical operations, however, it was ahead of its time. The machine was fairly big; the equipment used to keep it cool and its vacuum tubes (used to amplify electric signals) took up to 1800 square feet of space. The ENIAC was not really programmable, but it was considered one of the first high-speed computers to ever be created.” ENIAC is generally acknowledged to be the first successful high-speed electronic digital computer (EDC) and was
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Thanks to the creation of computers doctors, police officers, and students like me can do a better job and meet our expectations. The evolution of computers is still taking place and in my opinion, it will never stop. As of right now some companies are building supercomputers with great artificial intelligent capabilities that will be able to accomplish things we never thought

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