Descriptive Essay About Basketball

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Rashel Robinson
Basketball Pain As I stroll into practice, carrying my basketball bag, which is overfilled with all of my things. My basketball shoes that smell like sour milk, my practice jersey that also has a terrible smell, along with my deodorant that smells like amazing smelling boys, and my perfume that smells like cherry blossoms. I walk in a rush to the locker room, because before every practice we would have to make fifty free throws. The previous day at practice, Coach Schroeder, the head coach of the girls’ basketball team, yelled at us:
“You guys can’t do anything right, GET ON THE LINE!”
Without hesitation, the team got on the line. When Coach Schroeder says “get on the line” we all know that we are about to run for a long
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I was on defense, my teammate, Kiarra, who was on offense faked a pass to the girl I was guarding, Brooke. I lunged my left leg out, and POP, CRACK, POP, I felt three pops or cracks in my left leg. Down I go, on the ground balling my eyes out because I knew right then and there my basketball season was over. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing. All eyes were on me, they looked like deer looking at a car’s headlights. My coach ran over to me and said,
“Rashel, what happened?” she said in a calm voice.
Even though she was clearly watching, I understood that she was just trying to keep me as calm as possible. I couldn’t even speak because I was in excruciating pain, along with tears running down my face. It was like a waterfall coming out of my eye sockets. It took me forever to get up, but by the time I had gotten up, the entire left side of my body was numb. My coach and one of my teammates helped me to the side of the basketball courts, where they then sat me down and leaned me up against hard plastic bleachers. One of the assistant coaches ran to go get me ice out of our school’s athletic trainer 's office, which was located right at the end of the gym, or the field house. She, meaning the assistant coach, brought me out two bags of ice, one for the top and bottom of my leg. “Here you go Rashel, is there anything else I can get you?” she asked.
“No not right now, thank you though.” I replied
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