Descriptive Essay About A Dog

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When I was nine years old my grandparents adopted a two year puppy named, maximilian. We, of course, called him Max. When we went to the kennel to pick out a new dog Max didn 't seem like an option. He was a scrawny little puppy tucked in the corner of the shelter. Max was a boisterous springer spaniel mix, and when we first got him he was black and white. Overtime his white fur was masked by black spots, similar to age spots, which made him uniquely mine. Max was suppose to my grandfathers new hunting dog when he was newly adopted. However, at the very first gunshot Max bolted and my grandfather spent a three hours looking for Max in the woods. After the hunting incident my grandfather wrote Max off and, he became my dog. I took a lot of pride in having a dog. My other grandpa, my mother 's father, had died and my parents had just divorced, so Max became my bestfriend and my rock. I taught Max many tricks in his lifetime; one trick people particularly enjoyed was playing dead. Max also knew how to crawl, dance, shake, roll over, and sit. Max was a fast learner, so teaching him was a piece of cake. However, I had difficulty teaching him to play dead. I remember I…show more content…
My great grandparents, my great aunt and uncle, and another great uncle all attended. I work up early that morning to find my easter basket, because my grandma still thought I was a kid and made me a easter basket every year. After looking for my Easter Basket I looked for Max because I had not yet seen him that morning. I found him lying on his worn out dirty dog bed in my grandparents room. It was unusual for Max to be missing out on all the people; he loved being around everyone to steal food and get pet. Max looked tired so I let him sleep and went to join everyone for breakfast. It was a big thing in my family to have big breakfast on the weekends. Everyone got up and watched HGTV and we sang the making the bacon
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