Description of The Appeal to Spite Fallacy Among Others

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The purpose of this is to explain the informal fallacies with the help of examples. 1: Appeal to Spite Description of Appeals Spite Appeal to Spite Fallacy is a fallacy in which it replaces despite evidence when an "argument" is facing a claim. This line of "reasoning" has the following form: 1. Claim X is presented with the intention of generating though. Two. Therefore claim C is false (or true) This sort of “reasoning " is fallacious because a feeling of regret does not count as evidence for or against a claim. This is very clear in the following case : " Bill claims that the earth revolves around the sun , but remember that trick was setting last week now , I do not claim that the sun revolves around the earth makes sense to you .. ? " Of course, there are cases in which a claim that evokes a feeling of resentment or ill will can serve as legitimate proof. However, it should be noted that the real feelings of malice or spite are not evidence. The following is an example of such a situation: Jill: "I think I'll vote for that Jane is treasurer of NOW.” Vicki: "Remember the time when your wallet vanished in a meeting last year?” Jill: “Yes." Vicki: “Well, I just found out that she stole her purse and stole some other things about people.” Jill: “I will not vote for her!” In this case, Jill has a good reason not to vote for Jane. From a treasurer should be honest, a known thief would be a bad choice. While Jill concludes that he must vote against Jane because she's a thief, not just out of spite, her reasoning would not be fallacious. Examples of Appeal to Spite 1 Bill. "I think Jane did a great job this year I 'm going to nominate her for the award.”. Dave: “Forgotten Remember last year she did not appoint you last year? ". Bil... ... middle of paper ... ...llowing example : 1. Either 4 or 1 1 = 1 1 = 12. Two . It is the case that 1 + 1 = 4 . Three . Therefore 1 1 = 12 . In cases in which the two options are , in fact, the only two options , this line of reasoning is fallacious. For example : 1. Bill is dead or alive. Two . Bill is not dead. Three . Therefore Bill is alive. Examples of false dilemma Senator Jill 1 . "We're going to have to cut education funding this year. " The Senator Bill : " Why? " Senator Jill : " Well, either we cut the social programs or living with a huge deficit and we can not live with the deficit." 2 Bill . . " Jill and I support having prayer in public schools " Jill : "Hey, I never said that! " Bill: " You're not an atheist are you Jill ? " Three . "Look , you're going to have to make a decision. Whether you decide you can afford this stereo, or you decide to be without music for a while. "

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