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La Semana Santa is a holiday celebrated in most Spanish speaking countries but it originated in Spain. It takes place the entire week prior to Easter or, in Spanish, Pascua. They celebrate their Christian traditions and on this very important holiday. During this week, the city is very busy. All of the businesses close their shops for Semana Santa but the bars and restaurants stay open. Every afternoon, floats parade through the city, some carrying a life size Jesus and Virgin Mary for hours.

Semana Santa is primarily to celebrate the death of Christ. They take this week to commemorate his death and to confess their sins. They value the thought of suffering and sacrifice. The holiday was started in 1521 when Marqués de Tarifa came back from the Holy Land to Spain. He established the Via Crusis or Stations of the Cross. This started the celebrations of Semana Santa and the holiday has evolved greatly over the years.

The preparation for this big event starts months in advance. Cofradias are the like the coordinators of the event. In English, Cofradias means brotherhood and they work together to plan and make sure the entire holiday is taken care of. They are also known as the “Heart of the Holy Week”. Confradias have to map out the route of the parade for every day of the week. The parts of the parade that are on main streets have bleachers on the sides for seating. However, these seats must be booked far in advance and are very costly. Cofradias also have to make sure that there are police and security so that the holiday is safe and peaceful. After the day’s parade ends, there are crews that come out and clean the streets. The Confradias are in charge of taking care of the Jesus and Virgin Mary throughout the year and that al...

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...y do it to remember and to honor Christ.

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