Description of Concepts of Teaching and Learning for Patients

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Having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be a debilitating disease that affects a person’s life style and activities of daily living. This lesson will help educate the newly diagnosed patient incorporate low impact exercises and activities into their daily life; these activities will lead to increased tolerance and decreased exacerbation episodes that lead to long term positive outcomes. Lesson These exercises and activities will help slow down the disease process as well as help the patient breathes easier. Stretches help warm up the muscles for pending activity in addition to helping with flexibility and range of motion. Patient has received an exercise-stretching band to use daily, and given a list of four different stretching exercises. The healthcare professional will give the patient instructions for the four stretching exercises as well as pictures depicting someone doing them. The patient is advised to perform these specific exercises twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. This process will take 15 minutes to demonstrate the four different exercises, and then the healthcare professional will have the patient do a return demonstration to show they fully understand how to perform them. As time goes by, more exercises will be added using the same process, and the patient will be evaluated by the healthcare professional. The patient will build endurance as well and will be encouraged to keep a diary as they incorporate new exercises to the daily regimen. Lesson Nutrition has a direct impact on a person’s immune system and general health, making it more important for the COPD patient to adhere to a low sodium diet. One of the keys to maintaining adherence to any diet is how easy it is to prepare... ... middle of paper ... .... References Cleveland Clinic (2014) COPD Exercise and Activity Guidelines Kaplan, A. (2009) The COPD Action Plan. The College of Family Physicians of Canada Monninkhof, E., van der Valk, P., van der Palen, J., van Herwaarden, C., Partridge, M., Zielhuis, G. (2003) COPD Self-management education for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review. Thorax.BMJ One Breath. Org (2013) COPD: Exercise Regularly. Patient Education. The Chest Foundation Sponsorship to Quit (2014) Walgreens: #STQuit Troosters, T., van der Molen. T., Polkey, M., Rabinovich, R., Vogiatzis, I., Weisman, I., Kulich, K., (2013) Improving physical activity in COPD: towards a new paradigm. Respiratory Research doi: 10.1186/1465-9921-14-115 Wolfson, M. (2001) The Fight against Big Tobacco: the Movement, the State, and the Public’s Health
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