Description of Aga Shahid Ali as a Daisporic Poet

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This paper attempts to study the diasporic dimension of Indian diasporic writer late Aga Shahid Ali who emigrated from Kashmir to America. Aga Shahid Ali narrates the loss of his homeland due to enforced migration and rexhibit the original exilic resonance of diasporic experience. In his poetic collection ‘the country without a post office’, the poet articulates diasporic experience of exile, loss, pain and creates possibilities of Kashmiri diaspora in America. Key words: Aga Shahid Ali, The country without a post office, Diaspora. Diaspora:- Exile or Diaspora is a broad theme and has been widely discussed in literature. Indeed, William Safran calls it an academic growth industry. In the context of literature, the theme of exile is often marked by a divided loyalty towards both the host country and the homeland. Many theorist believe that through physical spacing can be necessary to produce a sense of homelessness and nostalgia, yet one does not need to be physically removed from the homeland in order to be exiled; one may feel exiled in one’s land if it is felt that indigenous culture has been attenuated by foreign influence Edward Said opines, ‘Exile is fundamentally tied to the notion of intellection. It refers to those who are resistant to set notions as against those who conform. Basically the term Diaspora refers to the work of exiles and expatriates and all those who have experienced unsettlement and dislocation at the political, existential or metaphorical levels and Diaspora literature involves an idea of a homeland, a place from where the displacement occurs. Avatar Brah writes that the term Diaspora, embodies a notion of centre, a locus, a home from which the dispersion occurs. In fact, at the heart of the notion of... ... middle of paper ... ...ake homology to a supposed new home .He recollects several traditional customs , ceremonies as well as images of childhood and boyhood .These memories kept so much imposing themselves on his inner thinking that he attempted to reconstruct them in his verses using English language so that he could make a bond between two worlds. Works Cited 1) Brah, Avtar, “Thinking through the conflict of Diaspora”. The post colonial studies Reades, Routlodge 2006. Pp. 443-446. 2) Clifford, James, “Diasporas”, The post colonial studies Reader 2nd London: Routledge, 2006. Pp. 451-454. 3) Gama Linda, Eric, “Aga Shahid Ali (1949-2001) on love, Death and poetry”, Poets and writers Magazine, April 2002. 4) Kind Bruce, “The Diaspora: Aga Shahid Ali’s tricultural Nostralgia”. Modern India Poetry in English, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2001.

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