Description Of The Meaning And Function Of Human Resource Management

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An Analysis of the Meaning and Function of Human Resource Management Human resource management is a form of organizational management that provides employee guidelines on professional conduct, social relations, and employee evaluations for the employer. Typically, the human resource manager will oversee the company policies related to maintaining good relations between employees in the company. This type of management is designed to promote a fluid and cooperative environment in which employees and mangers can accommodate certain professional needs through communication and social interaction. In my own personal experience, I have found that human resource management is a crucial part of an organization, since it is designed o create a hospital environment for promoting the social well-being of all participants in the organization. I have been involved in the monitoring of various employees to improve their capabilities and to enhance the communication process in this type of professional culture. More so, human resource management provides the necessary tools to gauge employee performance, which is designed to help achieve the overall goals of the organizations goals and objectives. Human resource managers provide a unique role in an organization, which establishes the rules and regulations of the company in an effort to achieve maximum productivity and success in the business community. Human resource managers often construct these guideline as a way to establish morale and effective ways to achieve various goals in the company. Therefore, human resource management is a managerial method for improving employee relations and performance, as well as forming the social structure of an organization to communicate the employer 's o... ... middle of paper ... ... have to contribute to the overall model of management to ensure maximum productivity from the employee through various policies. These strategic solutions rely on crafting policies and regulations that work in tandem with the employer’s vision, yet with proven theoretical models that form the overarching structure of the organization. This is why the human resource manager can shit away from a smaller role as an employee relations operative to a more generalized strategic advisor for the company. The role of a strategic human resource planner involves, for example, creating workplace safety policies, employee training models, recruitment plans, and other aspects of management at a macrocosmic level of organizing. These large-scale operations define an important way in which human resource managers can be effective at higher levels of management in the organization.
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