Description Of Shopping Malls

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The type of business that we are doing is organizing and managing a shopping mall. We play the roles of investors and owners of the shopping mall. The name of our company is 4.0 Holdings and we name our shopping mall Holland 4.0. We are a group of passionate people who are inspired by successful entrepreneurs to purchase a land to invest in a shopping mall. We want to innovate and create a new shopping experience for people who visit our shopping mall. Since Singapore is encouraging young entrepreneurs, the government supports us as we will be able to boost the economic growth. Not forgetting that shopping malls are highly profitable and very economically stable in a long run.

One of the successful entrepreneurs who inspired us
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Our organisation will have to be constantly expanding and doing well with positive economic growth in order to deal with the ever rising increment of price level in the economy. The success of any business is dependent on its ability to continuously earn profits. Earning profits is important to every business because profitability impacts whether a company can secure financing from a bank, attract investors to fund its operations and further expand to continuously grow its business. Therefore a yearly target of 10% increase in net profit can be achieved by raising the rent of the shops every year but then again this can only be done if the shopping mall is well visited and reputable. When shopping malls are well visited and reputable, tenants will earn more profit through the sale of items or the providing of services. Once the raising rental issue is raised to them they would not mind the increase as they are coping well with the profit gain through the help of the shopping…show more content…
As the head of the finance department, he must be responsible for preparing and reviewing the financial statement inclusive of the annual revenue and expenses incurred. Reporting to the general manager, normally with an external auditor engaged for assurance purposes towards the shareholders and investors fulfilling the spokesperson and negotiator role in the financial department. When their cash meets beyond day to day expenses, he is responsible for advising and sourcing financial aid from banks. Hence, he must establish good relation with professionals from the banking sectors, which fulfils the liaison role. When the organisation is ready to expand their company, he will be in charge of preparing documents required for these presentations and may work with outside consultant to evaluate the company. The financial department has to measure and report regularly on key numbers critical to the success of the organisation. The head of the financial department will then use these information to propose suggestions to the top managers in deciding whether any actions. This fulfilled the monitor and spokesperson role. To stay forward looking, the finance department will have to work with managers in the preparation of organisation budgets and forecast which fulfil the resource allocator role. As the head of the financial department,
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