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It’s all about omelettes today!
Packed with the goodness of protein, Egg is the staple diet of the majority of people all around the globe. If you are an immense lover of food and love to gorge on eggs, then Max’s Restaurant of Santa Barbara, California is the best place for you to visit. This Santa Barbara Restaurant has perfected the age old tradition of transforming the raw, golden yolk into the fluffiest soufflé possible, which just melts on entering your mouth.
Brunch in Santa Barbara is incomplete without stepping into Max’s Restaurant, where you will get the multitudinous varieties of omelette and special egg delicacies that will rejuvenate your food palette. Fused with varieties of flavours from all around the world, the
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They are meticulously prepared by the experienced chefs here to give your taste buds a happy kick start.

1. Brie Omelette: Prepared from fresh spinach and mushrooms, the fluffy soufflé is wrapped up artistically and is oozing with mouthwatering brie cheese. The omelette is served with juicy orange slices and is prepared best here.
“Love the French press coffee and the omelette are light and fluffy filled to perfection with any of their combos! Favorite place for breakfast!” Yelp, “Cindy G.” wrote.
2. Seafood Omelette: Most of the customers here choose this for a light brunch. The nicely prepared omelette is served with sautéed shrimp, scallops and crab meat. The freshly prepared mushroom is stuffed inside along with roasted red peppers to elevate the taste to a different level.
“Best seafood omelette I've ever had. Amazing Italian food as well!! I've never had a bad dish here, and the service is always top-notch.” Yelp, “Brandon H.” wrote.
3. Guatemalan Omelette: This best choice for breakfast is served with fresh avocado and tomatoes. The omelette is beautifully garnished with green chilies and an ample amount of cheddar cheese. The topping is cleverly done with Spanish sauce and sour cream in order to give an adventurous flavor to
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8. Breakfast Basics: Those who want to opt for a healthier and simpler version of breakfast with eggs, Max’s Restaurant is foremost in serving you with equal class and quality. The simple egg breakfast is served here with crispy potatoes and their tasty Angel Biscuits. One can also opt for “bacon and eggs” or “sausage and eggs” with a good choice of homemade muffin and crispy Belgian Waffle.
“We had breakfast here on our last day in Santa Barbara. Simple place with good food, coffee and service. Bacon & eggs and ham & eggs, though the menu is pretty extensive for breakfast. Hubby went with toast while I took the "Angel" biscuit. Probably the best biscuit I'd ever had.” Trip Advisor, “3 chihuahuas” wrote.
Thus, Max’s Restaurant of Santa Barbara is an ideal place to go for an awesome experience of breakfast as well as dining. Here, one finds the greatest varieties of omelettes and scrambles to choose from without compromising in quality, taste, freshness and
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