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Description The Solar Powered Smartphone would be a great invention for all people. Smartphones are so helpful in our generation, but just one thing ; why can the battery not last longer? With all of the distractions on phones from gaming to e-mail, phone batteries have no chance. This is why the Solar Powered Smartphone would be a great helpful device to keep our busy generation going. Present Technology According to, in 2009, Samsung released a Solar Powered Mobile Phone called the Blue Earth Phone. The Blue Earth Phone included a solar panel planted on the back of the phone, a touch screen and many features. Solar panels exist all over the world in many shapes and sizes. “Bell Laboratories employee Gerald Pearson made a solar cell with silicon instead of selenium. The solar cell was finally ready to be put to work” ( Once the solar cell was ready, panels were put into it to transport power and thus, the solar panel was born. In recent times, we have solar panels that make electricity for your house, traffic lights, and many other useful products. A solar panel planted in a phone does not seem very normal in a time like this, but they are out there, and they exist. We are trying to make the product better and more efficient for everyday use. The hardest part about producing a product like we are, is the technology. Technology is going to keep improving. But will our product? That is the question. It is hard to have an incredible idea like a solar powered smartphone but keep it up to date with the rest of it surrounding technology. With the right companies and suppliers, this product has the capability to change everything. History In the year 1767 Swiss scientist, Horace-Benedi... ... middle of paper ... ...artphone. It was perfect; less charging, transmittable energy, and just all around a good product. All of the other ideas had serious problems. Our final idea actually seemed reasonable and possible to be created and produced. Consequences If a solar powered smartphone was produced, there would be many positives but also many negatives. Smartphones are very helpful in a time era like we are in. If a solar powered smartphone was created, so much more could get done in the world. You wouldn't have Also, if you had a solar powered smartphone, your electric bill would probably be lower than someone who does not have one. If technology becomes to much of a reliable source, it can be bad. If this happens, past uses of technology will become obsolete and will become a back up plan. Technology has the power to take over our lives. If this happens, there is no going back.
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