Describing the Filter Feeding of Invertebrates Such as Mussels

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Describing the Filter Feeding of Invertebrates Such as Mussels This essay will be analysing the occurrence of filter feeding and demonstrating it as a unique adaptation for marine mammals. It will also analyse how filter feeding, combined with invertebrates such as mussels, produces a complex, yet distinctive foraging strategy. This essay will also discuss the features of molluscs and how they are adapted to use their features to aid their particular means of feeding, including the full process of how this form of consumption occurs. ==================================================================== An important necessity for any organism is that they are able to obtain their own food. They need to acquire a sufficient amount of food, in order to, maintain, grow and reproduce. An organism's competitivity for survival is the most likely effect of what drove them back to the oceans. Returning to the sea meant that marine mammals had to adapt and evolve in order to live on. One of these foraging techniques was filter feeding, found in the mysticete whales and three species of pinnipeds. These are crabeater seals, leopard seals and Antartic fur seals. Filter feeding, is by far, one of the most unique adaptations for feeding. This foraging strategy allows organisms to capture and process vast quantities of prey in a single mouth full. This, therefore, permits them to obtain energy at high rates, when small prey is collected. This unique adaptation is not found in all terrestrial mammals. Filter feeding is one of four main types of feeding. It contrasts with these three types of feeders: fluid feeders, food-mass feeders and ... ... middle of paper ... ...ace area, with narrow gaps, allowing water to slowly permeate through. Although mussels open their shells to draw in water, they often keep them closed; this isn't only due to them being handled. They also keep them closed to prevent themselves from drying out and to resist common predators. Throughout this essay I have put together a collection of information towards filter feeding in general, and how it is useful when combined with marine mammals. I have analysed the features of a mollusc and how these features help it adapt to its specific means of feeding. Which are mainly its tubing (siphons) and labial palps. I have demonstrated the individual importance of each feature and also described the advantages of having marine mammals within our oceans. This unique means of feeding is efficient and full of advantages.

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