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One of America’s musical styles has become one of the major music genres worldwide and it is jazz music. The genre was developed around the late 1800s to the early 1900s, and originated from African Americans in New Orleans and Louisiana (Issitt 1). Within Jazz there are many different categories such as Dixieland, swing, cool jazz, hard bop, jazz-rock, fusion, and many more (Philipp 3). In addition, “Jazz as a whole is frequently regarded as one of the United States’ greatest cultural achievements” (Issitt 2). However, Jazz was not only a source of entertainment, or a great accomplishment, but also a reliever of pain; and it encouraged people to explore deep into their minds and the world around them. Before all else, Jazz has two central …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jazz music has become one of the major music genres worldwide and originated from african americans in new orleans and louisiana.
  • Explains that jazz has two central elements, which are complex rhythmic variations and social, communal aspect of performance.
  • Explains how blues became an inspiration for jazz expansion. the music used call-and-response patterns, repetitive melodies, and lyrics that "reflected the realities of life among african american communities."
  • Explains that bunny bolden was one of the first jazz musicians to combine blues, minstrel, ragtime, and other elements in groundbreaking ways.
  • Explains that louis armstrong is one of the most influential and innovative musicians in american history. he created the idea for jazz music to have "breaks" which allowed different instruments to solo with the background melody.
  • Explains that jazz brought a sense of equality within the jazz community. it was influenced by third world countries such as latin america, africa, the middle east, and india.
  • Explains that black and white musicians competed for performances and recording companies, while white bands kept up the demand for jazz music and imitated black performers.
  • Explains that jazz music was not just entertainment but used for a deeper importance in emotions. african american faced discrimination and hatred in the unites states.
  • Analyzes how in the invisible man, the characters use blues when they are distress, or to explore deeper within their world.
  • Explains that jazz music was a popular genre in the 1930's and is still popular today.

Blues is an African American folk music that arose from rural slaves as they worked on the fields. In the early development of blues, the music used call-and response patterns, repetitive melodies, and lyrics that “reflected the realities of life among African American communities” (3). The different chord progressions and musical innovations of blues were important aspects of the development of jazz. Blues notes, which were unexpected tonal shifts, were used in jazz to create an emphasis for mood and emotions (3). As jazz continued to grow, few musicians increased the popularity for jazz music. In fact, one of the first jazz musicians was Bunny Bolden. Bolden was in a band that became famous for their unique music blend. In their music they combined blues, minstrel, ragtime, and other elements in groundbreaking ways (3). As a result, swing, which uses rhythmic techniques to give the music a sense of movement, was created from Bolden’s music. At the same time Dixieland, one of the earliest forms of jazz, was invented …show more content…

The narrator listens to blues and visions of memories come into mind. Also one of Louis Armstrong’s lyrics stand out in his mind, which was “What did I do to be so black and blue?” (Ellison 12). This disturbs the narrator and he claims the music demands he take action. Another character in the book went to music for help subconsciously. Trueblood, a man who” accidently” made his daughter pregnant felt a slight amount of guilt and he says, “I looks up and sees the stars and I starts singin’ . . . all I know is I ends up singin’ the blues” (Ellison 66). Music was a way African Americans found comfort and took feelings and made them into positive energy to keep them at peace and that is what Trueblood

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