Desalination Research Paper

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Desalination: Earth is covered in 72 percent water, but the majority of it is sea water. Thus it is too salty and harmful to consume. Given that salt unbalances the natural flow of substances in and out of cells. The salt causes the water present in the cell to flow out, resulting in dehydration. The technique used to remove the salt from the seawater and obtain fresh water is Desalination. The varying levels of salinity (measured in ppm) in water affects the difficulty and expense of the treatment. Given that the more concentrated saline the body of water is, the more energy it takes to desalinate it. Hence, water that is of 1, 000 ppm in terms of salinity is usually considered as fresh water and safe to use for household and agricultural purposes, and consume. Any higher than this standard, will be desalinated. To do so, there are varying methods at which our society uses to desalinate seawater. These processes include: reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, electrodialysis, thermal distillation, multistage flash distillation and multiple-effect distillation. Out of all these reverse ...

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