Depression and its Societal Stigmas

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Depression is a psychiatric condition that receives a lot of negative stigma. Most of society believes that this condition is a glorified sad state and is something that their friends and family would never have. They believe this condition is not a serious one and is simply an emotion someone is having at the moment. As I will explain, all of these beliefs are misconceptions that have caused society to view depression negatively, as just a mood such as happiness or sadness.

By definition, depression is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness and lost of interest. (1) It affects how you feel, think, behave, and can lead to multiple emotional or physical problems. (1) Symptoms of depression include, but is not limited to, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, decreased energy, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, insomnia, persistent headaches, and thoughts of suicide. (2) Most people believe that psychological issues only cause depression from traumatic experiences and childhood abuse. There is actually not a set cause of depression, but it is believed t...