Depression Case Study: Depression

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Depression Case: “ Mary is a 30 year old mother of 3 children. Her husband,John, and Mary married for 15 years, she works as a manager of a private company. She is diagnosed with Mdd(major depression disorder) 6 years ago, she used Antidepressant for the times that she had depression. This time, Mary is feeling down for about 3 months. She mentioned that she doesn 't want to be on medicine again, because last time she experienced side effects of Anti-depressant. Based on DSMV she has Mild Mdd. We did suicidal assessment and she didn 't have any plan to do suicide. She was worried about gaining weight due to her depression. We set a goal for her to take a daily walk and watching her diet. ” Hi Mary, How are you doing today? I am okay.…show more content…
I will show you. We will go through it step by step. We already know about your self-defeating thoughts, now we need to have a coping thoughts. Let me ask you this; If you want to think positive about doing exercise, what would you say? I could think that, I’ll start with 15 minutes walking a day and try to build on that. Good! Now just to get to feel for these thoughts, practice using them. Close your eyes. Perhaps you could imagine you are wearing walking shoes and you want to go out for a walk— just say these coping thoughts aloud. (Close your eyes)I’m thinking that I’ll start with 15 minutes walking today and this will help me to reach my goal, which is losing weight. Good, how did that feel? I feel motivate. I can see how this might help me. I usually don 't think these kind of positive things. I realized that Mary. We will practice this more and you eventually, can stop the self-defeating thoughts and using these coping-thoughts instead. Can you think about any other coping thoughts in that situation? Mmm, Yes. I could think that, I’ll go for a walk today and I will enjoy the view of the lake on my way. Great! Now you seem to have several kinds of coping thoughts that might help you when you’re trying to go out for a walk. Try out some of these coping thoughts. Just say them…show more content…
Let’s do some more practice in hard situations. Imagine , you had hard time controlling your diet and you ate more than your usual and now you want to go for a walk, try to think positive. I will go for a walk to burn the extra calories that I ate! Sounds good. Okay, let’s practice it loud. (close your eyes)I ate more than what I supposed to eat. I wear my exercise clothes and I’m thinking that by walking I can burn the extra calories, I will open the door and go outside. Okay, nice! Let’s practice the whole situation, whenever any self-defeating thoughts coming to your mind raise your hand, stop those thoughts and immediately try to reframe it with a coping thoughts. Talk your thoughts aloud. Now, close your eyes. Imagine, you had a beings eating last night.You woke up in the morning and getting ready to go to the gym. I am wearing my gym clothes. (Mary raised her hand) I am thinking that I never lose weight since I ate a lot last night. I can replace with; I will go to the gym and burn the extra calories from last night. I am on the way to the gym. Nice job Mary! I hope I can use it in real

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