Depiction In The Book, Dreams Frm's Frms My Father

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It was very well known to all that Barack Obama associates openly with prominent racists and anti-Semites. He was a very famous man who stood against racicism. Most recently, the National “Jewish” “Democratic” Council invited Alcee Hastings, who was removed from office for perjury and corruption.It led to panel discussion. Obama meanwhile belonged to a racist church that gave a standing ovation to Michael Pfleger’s “There were a whole lot of white people crying,” and he also endorsed the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton and his National Action Network (see “Freddy’s Fashion Mart” for examples of Sharpton’s and NAN’s racist and anti-Semitic behavior). Everyone has accepted till now that Barack Obama has personally said nothing about the Jews and the White people till today. Even in his book, “Dreams
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He identifies very clearly as an African-American as opposed to a melting pot American, which makes him totally unqualified to be president for Americans of all races and ethnicities. He begins by talking about "problems" with a classmate of multiracial (Caucasian, Native American, and African-American) ancestry, and then talks about showing one 's loyalty to "the black masses."
The book is particularly informative because Barack Obama talks very explicitly about his ratial identity politics. He identifies very clearly as an African-American. In Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama describes the difficulties of not fitting in with others and being a social outcast as a child because of his racial identity.
Dreams from My Father tells the story of Obama’s struggle to understand the forces that shaped him as the son of a black African father and white American mother. A struggle that takes him from the American heartland to the ancestral home of his great-aunt in the tiny African village of
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