Depersonalization Disorder

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Everyone has been in a depersonalized state whether they realized what it was or not, but when someone is constantly or recurrently feeling as if they’re watching themselves in a movie, it becomes depersonalization disorder. Depersonalization disorder is a dissociative disorder that is characterized by a sense of detachment from yourself, others, and reality in general. Much like all other dissociative disorders, it is a disruption of a person’s waking consciousness. Though the direct cause of depersonalization remains unknown, some researchers believe that it may be linked to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. A recent study by Mount Sinai School of Medicine showed that there is a reduced metabolic rate in an individual experiencing depersonalization in Brodmann’s areas 21 (the middle temporal gyrus) and 22 (the superior temporal gyrus) compared to a healthy brain. These parts of the brain are responsible for general things like processing sounds and distances, recognizing faces, and processing word meaning. Their research also showed that there is an increased metabolic rat...

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