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Introduction-Department of Widget County Law Enforcement Services In remaining consistent with the established laws of the land in reference to public service, the following document will serve as the policy and guidelines that will govern your behaviors and actions while carrying out your law enforcement duties and responsibilities. This document will identify the agencies values and principles and will establish rules of conduct that will protect the agency and the citizens we service. A. AGENCIES MISSION STATEMENT The members of our law enforcement agency will be committed to providing the citizens with the highest quality of public service. We will foster partnerships within the county and we will continuously strive to respond to the needs of each individual. Through a coordinated effort, we will strive to promote a safe and secure community and provide a safe environment for our citizens to live a quality of life that is consistent with intended values and principles in which this nation was founded upon. We expect our employees to carry out their duties and responsibilities with integrity, personal courage, self-less service, loyalty and respect, which are values and attributes that serve as a foundation of a public safety professional. We will seek professional development of our personnel through relentless and continuous training; we will embrace creativity and innovative ideas in dealing with emerging threats in our community, state, and nation. B. AGENCIES CODE OF ETHICS All employees, sworn and non-sworn, will abide by the following Code of Ethics: Primary Responsibility The primary responsibility of the law enforcement professional is the protection of the citizens of their respective community by the... ... middle of paper ... ...d rules To ensure that agency personnel adhere to the stated values and principles, and that the agency protects its employees civil rights and the rights of the organization, a standard operating and procedural manual will be your reference guide. It will specifically define proper rules of conduct in relation to the law enforcement profession, discipline and accountability measures that will adhere to progressive disciplinary steps, and abuses of power and position by employees. The agency will conduct impartial administrative investigations upon receipt of any type of misconduct by its employees and will be completely transparent with the community in relation to such investigations. All constitutional and civil rights of citizens and employees will be protected, and discipline will be administered in accordance with the agencies established procedures.

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