Denver Musuem of Art

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The Denver Art Museum as a Ritual
Visiting the Denver Art Museum was a spiritual as well as a ritual experience in which was thoroughly enjoyed like a spectator enjoys the winning of a exciting football game or seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time. When entering the Denver Art Museum, the museum complex has a landscaped area in which people can walk through while observing a beautiful outdoor sculpture. Visitors enter through a double door entry into the main entrance then into the service area before entering the main atrium. The main atrium has sloping walls, a skylight and a beautiful staircase. The staircase leads to an easy access to all of the galleries. There is a main lobby, which has access to the museum shop and a 280-seat auditorium. Depending on the levels and what galleries you are viewing, the artwork is space close together and far apart. The lighting also depends on the setting and the artwork being exhibited which ranged from dim, bright, and/or dark which helped the artwork to stand out when being observed. The rooms were painted in different colors as well.
Overall the museum was a peaceful and exciting journey through the wonderful art that was exhibited. When making this journey through the art museum, everyone followed the rules such as no photography, not talking on cell phones and no food and drinks through the gallery. Observations of people whispering to each other, walking slowly to take in the beauty of the paintings and other artwork and reading about the information was like a ritual that everyone appeared to participate in. Visitors usually stayed away from one another when observing the different paintings and they made sure that others were not disturbed. Connection...

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... in some other realm…thus take visitors on a kind of mental journey”. She takes it one step further and argues “in the liminal space of the museum, everything-and sometimes anything- may become art, including fire extinguishers, thermostats, and humidity gauges, which, when isolated on a wall and looked at through the anesthetizing lens of museum space, can appear, if only for a mistaken moment, every bit as interesting as some of the intended-as-art works on display, which in any case, do not always look very different.” This concept is so true, because after looking at art pieces for hours, the mind plays tricks on you and you may even think an exit door could be a piece of artwork. In summary, the ritualistic journey throughout the Denver Art Museum was meaningful, enjoyable as well as spiritual experience in which will be re-enacted again and again.
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