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When I graduated from high school I had to think about what I wanted to do next to begin my future. The three options that I considered were to enroll into college, to enlist in the military, and to work full time. I decided to enroll in college for business management but during this time I found out I didn’t want to pursue this area of education. I decided to withdraw from my classes at Florissant Valley Community College and started working. I have worked full time at Barnes Jewish Hospital for a year and a half. During that time I did a lot of thinking and research on occupation I wanted to get into. From that I found out that I want to go into dentistry and become a dentist. Since then I talked and shadowed people in that area. I learned…show more content…
In the final two years of the program, you 'll will gain clinical experience under the supervision of practicing dentists. After that is done I will then need to pass the requirement state examinations to become licensed before practicing dentistry. Before practicing dentistry. I have chosen to be a dentist for my because I want to make a different in patients by given them a smile that they are proud to wear. Being able to help others with their dental care, have a flexible schedule working five days a week, and i will always have a job because this job always be in demand. I do not have to worry about if there are enough jobs because people are always will need dental care whether economic of the country is good or bad. Other reason I chosen dentist because i like helping others, allow me to teach good habits for good health, and let me educate patients as well as the general public, on how to achieve oral health to prevent diseases. In addition Dentist to find out dentist for you by the personal qualification that assist of you having the ability to learn and to carry out complex diagnostic and manual

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