Dental Hygiene and an Inquiry into Teeth Whitening

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Dental Hygiene and an Inquiry into Teeth Whitening Part 1: Introduction There are several health care careers that caught my attention while searching for a desired career pathway. During my research, my cousin, who currently studies dental hygiene at Ferris, spent hours trying to convince me to become a dental hygienist. The thought of the working with kids who hate the dentist, or people that neglect their teeth didn’t interest me; however, after hours of research and job shadowing, there was a possibility that dental hygiene could be in my future. Being a dental hygienist can be very rewarding, and that was the deciding factor. As a student at Ferris State University, dental hygiene is a difficult program to get into. This fall I will begin my dental hygiene classes and obtain an Associate’s degree in dental hygiene in two years. In addition to that, I will complete Bachelor’s of Dental Hygiene degree shortly after. Oral health care has always been extremely important to me, and many people lack the oral health care education that they need. I’m eager to educate people on the important of oral health, and ways to improve their health. Working with a variety of patients whether new, younger, or older is something I’m interested in. By doing so, I hope to see an improvement with all my patients oral health during each visit. These are some of the reasons why becoming a dental hygienist is in my future. Nutrition plays a dominant role in oral health. Most people are aware that pop and sweets aren’t good for your teeth, as most people are taught that as children. When I was pondering what topic to use for this project, I thought about all the different things that people use to improve the appearance of their teeth. A smi... ... middle of paper ... ...ay have darkened with age (Sarrett, 2002, p. 1538). In summation of the different types of teeth whitening, there are several different types of teeth whitening. Typically office-used products are more expensive, based on my previous experiences with it. There are many different brands of OTC whitening that are available, as well as several different brands and kinds of whitening toothpastes that are available. All ADA seal of acceptance products are recommended, and the kind that people chose to use is usually based on preference. As I state above, it is best to ask a dentist or other dental professionals before using any type of teeth whitening, as well as ask them which toothpaste products are safest to use. Different types of teeth whitening are better for certain people, so it’s best for a dentist to recommend what he thinks is best for your oral health.

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