Dental Hygiene: A Career For Dental Hygiene

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Dental hygienists encourage good dental hygiene. They help patients to have good dental hygiene by cleaning teeth, looking for signs of cavities and oral diseases. They then notify the dentist of any signs of diseases they may come across. They use technology on the daily for things such as keeping records, and taking x rays. Most dental hygienists jobs take place in dentists’ offices. Most work office hours which may even include evening and weekend hours. Most dental hygienists work a 40 hour week. An associate's degree in dental hygiene is the minimum requirement to become a dental hygienist. Three years is the typical dental hygiene program length. Although, schooling can be anywhere from two to four years long. The median pay for dental hygienist as of May 2016 was $72,910. The median pay per hour was $35.05. Monthly income would be around 5,000…show more content…
Some of these classes include the science classes of biology and chemistry. Also, the classes of algebra, geometry, english, psychology, physical education, computer skills and speech. I have already taken or are currently in most of these classes. Although, out of all these classes, I have not taken speech. Dental hygienist fall into the red health sciences column on the nebraska career connections model cluster. Health science was one of my higher rated clusters on the nebraska career connections assessment. It wasn't my top cluster tho, but I still find it very interesting. Dress codes for incoming dental hygienists will vary dentist office to dentist office. Although, the common attire worn by dental hygienists may include a lab coat and scrubs. The average womens lab coats can vary anywhere from 84 to 128 dollars. Womens scrubs can be anywhere around 46 dollars for tops and 56 dollars for pants. Some dentist offices provide the work attire for their employees, although others do

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