Dental Habits Of Teeth Essay

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Of course, don’t take the title too seriously. Taking good care of your teeth and mouth today is as much important as taking care of your body as a whole. However, there are destructive dental habits that are guaranteed to damage your teeth. Bad Dental Habits That Damage Your Teeth -Chewing on Ice Dear you, here’s the cold truth --chewing ice or ice cubes can do more harm to your pearly whites than good. At first, you may see it as something innocent as drinking water, but really it can cause microscopic fractures in your enamel or even gum injury. Some even experience having a broken teeth because of chewing ice. This is most especially true if you have just visited your dentist and have a dental work done. If you also have a brace, chewing ice will do more harm to you than good. If you are one of those who like to chew ice, substitute it to chewing sugarless gum. If what you are craving is the crunch of ice, then try celery, apples, or carrot sticks. Pretty much healthier options for you. The desire of chewing may just be a symptom of emotional or physical conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, developmental disorders or nutritional deficiencies. It may also be a sign of iron-deficiency anemia. If this problem is stressing you out, don’t hesitate to talk to your healthcare provider. -Tongue Piercings Tongue…show more content…
For anyone who loves sports and is actually athletic are familiar of these protective gears. However, if your sport requires a possible impact with other players, hard surfaces and balls, it is important to protect your teeth with a mouth guard. In fact, the American Dental Association itself recommends athletes to wear mouth guards while practicing and during competitions especially those in boxing, acrobats, basketball, football, gymnastics, field hockey, racquetball, shot putting, skiing, squash, water polo, wrestling, weightlifting, surfing, ice hockey, handball, skateboarding, volleyball, and

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