Dental Care: The Social Impact Of Dental Health

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The quality of life of an individual is determined from a contribution of various aspects in one’s life. A smile is a powerful attribute in one’s life that sets the stage for how people carry themselves on a day to day basis which can affect one’s physical and social life. If one does not maintain a healthy smile, the social impact of dental disease creates limitations on social functioning as well as patterns of social discrimination among students and adults (Reisine 27). This is evident in the ways individuals are treated differently in their jobs for not having a good oral health or…show more content…
Essentially this costs individuals many opportunities which can be seen as the impact of social interactions. Dental care is significant among the lives of adolescents because their dental health patterns can greatly affect and create shifts in their smile if they do not maintain their oral health. As adolescents grow older and enter their adulthood, their dental health worsens leading to dental health issues as well as a negative toll on social aspects of one’s life such as a decline in self confidence which affects one’s productivity as a result. Approximately 42% of individuals ages 18-64 do not seek dental treatment because they cannot afford it or because they do not have insurance (Bloom 3). Providing free orthodontic and oral care for adolescents will not only prevent future health concerns, but it will also boost self confidence levels that will ensure a prosperous future for individuals in their careers and

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