Dennis Lynn Rader: The BTK Killer

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Dennis Lynn Rader also known as the “BTK” killer; Blind, Torture, Kill. He is an American serial killer that murdered ten people in Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA in the year 1974 to 1991. Rader was born on March 9, 1945 in a place near Kansas, USA, and the oldest of four children. Rader grew up in Wichita, Kansas with an average family. His father was a former US Marine who then later worked for an electric company. He went to Riverview Elementary School. In an early age, Rader admitted that he have had developed sexual pleasures from killing. When Rader was a child, reports from Los Angeles Times stated that he used to do hanging of stray cats. Dennis Rader got married to her wife Paula in 1971 and had two kids. On January 15 of 1974, Rader committed his first murder; killing four members of the Ortero family in their own home which he says that these are his “projects”. After murdering and slaying numerous people, Rader would steal items as his reward or his souvenir. He also would leave semen at the scene due to having sexual pleasure from killing. The fifteen year old son of Joseph and Julie Ortero, Charlie, came home that day and shockingly discovered the bodies of his family. After a couple of months, in April 4, the next victim was Kathryn Bright. Rader murdered Kathryn by stabbing and strangling her. He also had tried killing her brother Kevin. Kevin was shot twice but survived the incident.
During the year 1974, the attention for Rader’s crimes had begun being more heard of because of placing a letter in a public library book. Rader included in his letter indicating that he wants to be called as the “BTK Strangler”. In February 25 of 2005, Rader was arrested. Dennis Rader pleaded guilty to 10 counts of first-degree murde...

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...c is an excessive need for power and control, and we see this in most sexually-oriented serial killers; For a person with a conscience, Rader's crimes seem shocking, but from his point of view, these are his greatest accomplishments and he is anxious to share all the wonderful things he has done."
In my opinion, these types of people are the ones who are having trouble in socializing and expressing their thoughts and ideas with the people around them, these people want to have attention in different ways and in every way that they want. Because of the attention they want or the lack of attention they are getting, they tend to do inappropriate things like murdering. As what Dr. Levin said, I agree that from Rader’s personal point of view everything that he did seemed to be his best accomplishments because he gained the attention he might have wanted for a long time.
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