Denial Of The Holocaust Essay

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The Denial of the Holocaust should not be illegal. Even if the opinion is harsh it still should not be illegal. Everyone should have a right to their own opinion, even if somebody doesn’t like that person’s opinion or think that it is harsh. Everyone should have the right of Freedom of Speech. Nobody should have that taken away from them. Everyone can talk their mind, and say what they would like, of course if it’s not a violent threat. Although some people get offended by the denial of the Holocaust, people deserve to say what they would like to, even if others don’t want to hear it. People get really offended by the denial because there were so many deaths of the Jews and extremely terrible things happened to them. The deniers believe that…show more content…
The Denial of the Holocaust is denying everything that happened during the Holocaust. This determines whether a person would want it to be illegal or legal. Everything that was just explained on what was the Holocaust, people denied it and thought it was fake or made up. It did not matter if people had evidence to support that the Holocaust did happen, they still believed it was a myth. People refuse to believe that any of the tragic events that happened to the Jews was real and they insist that it’s fake. Any of the tragic events that happened to all the Jews, were all fake to them, even if they were put in gas chambers. They believe the Jews their selves made it up to have advantage in life. Everything is made up and that it couldn’t have happened at all, is what they believe. The deniers say that the death of six million Jews is just an exaggeration, and none of them died by the Nazis or were ordered to death by Hitler. They also believe none of them died a terrible way. They believe that the Nazis couldn’t kill them or even harm the Jews. They believe that the Nazis never even had an official party at all, or that the Nazis never had meetings on how to plan to kill the Jews. That none of them murdered any Jew, and if they did, it wasn’t planned or state-organized. The deniers believe that the camps the Jews were put into were all a lie and none of them were real. All of the Jews that were killed in camps were a lie and that there were…show more content…
They get extremely offended, and they believe that the denial of the Holocaust should actually be illegal. They get really offended on how people can deny what a horrible event that happened to mostly of all of the Jews. They think it’s very rude, disrespectful, and ignorant. How can somebody deny that the Holocaust happened? There was clearly evidence for some of the events that happened. The event itself was very heart breaking and extremely sad. People say that the deniers are disrespecting the Jews that died during that event. They are disrespecting on what happened to them. It was a terrible thing, six million Jews died, and deniers deny every single death. The Jews died in very heart breaking tragic events, they deserve to be respected and remembered. People that deny that it happened, is just very sad. Therefore, many people get offended by this and that’s why they believe that the denial of the Holocaust should be
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