Denial Essay

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Denial is a burden manifested by Americans on a quest to ascend the social structure. Whether you are an American native or an immigrant coming into America, you are struck with the expectations of America and the classical American life. It’s a new setting, a new scenery, a new lifestyle; different from the ones that you grew up knowing like the back of your hand. We expect to have certain new freedoms when living America; such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of equality. Yet, this is not so. Our freedoms did not come as a gift or as a welcoming package into America, but instead they came with a price. A price that seems to be unpayable no matter what we do. It seems that as Americans try to move up the social structure try to make a better living for themselves, it also tries to make the peak unattainable. It is as if we’re in quicksand, struggling to make it out and survive, but the harder we struggle, the harder it is for us to escape. “For Freud, denial was a defense against external realities that threaten the ego” (Carey). Many people would say, denial is a shield when faced with unbearable news because denial is simply the refusal of something requested. As Mr. Friedrich said, “denial is the refusal to acknowledge the existence or severity of unpleasant external realities or internal thoughts and feelings. Denial is also looked upon as a coping mechanism; an unconscious psychological strategy that people use to help them cope with reality and protect their ego. People lose themselves and soon end up denying the very reality that we live in. We deny that we are poor; we deny that we are not the best; we lose ourselves in our denial of all this and soon end up surrounded by falsit... ... middle of paper ... ...emonstrates how that although slavery has ended and the blacks were given their rights, they were still not equal as to the whites. In the fields of education, employment, and justice, minority groups still did not always receive the same equal treatment, opportunities, and advantages. In Black Boy, Richard had to struggle along on his jobs. He couldn't even work at a job long enough because of the treatment he would receive from his fellow white coworkers. They would lie to him, beat him up, and abuse him not because of something he did but because of the color of his skin. Richard was denied his rights as a citizen. He was wronged in so many ways based on non-legitimate reasons. Even today, racist attitudes and race discrimination still persists despite the social legislation that ensures equal treatment and the civil rights for all American citizens.

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