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The darkness was endless, it was unforgiving, straining and imprisoning. I was walking mindlessly trying to resurface my location, I ran vigorously and without an even pace. My lungs were overtaxed, my breathing was caught in my trachea. I ran impulsively turning corners after corner with my judgment as my guide.

"Stop running away from me" It haunted and I continued running

"I said stop running" It hollered, My heart plummeted to my stomach, I continued running increasing my pace.

"Stop!" It screamed and I screamed right after it, screaming right into reality.

I woke up in a shallow puddle made by my sweat. I examined myself and my room, there’s a thin line that separates dreams from reality. I sat up quickly and looking over to my open window and quickly closed it. The morning sunrise greeted me, with light buoyant clouds reigning over. I turned the lock, unlocking the door to my balcony, Brentwood was such a gloomy borough in Pennsylvania.. There was a shuffling sound behind my door as I approached it quietly, the door opened like a sudden outburst. My mother stood before me watching me contently.

"Happy birthday sweetheart" She said like a weight was taking off her shoulders

"I can't believe my little baby is seventeen years old".

"Thank you mother" I said swiftly while walking past her and into the bathroom. I prepared myself for a day of classes. I made my way downstairs to meet with my mom. She gave me a nod and dug in her bag, pulling out a sleek black credit card and handed me it.

"Go crazy" She says and I nod and forcing a smile. I never was the type of girl to grow fond of materialistic items. When you grow fond of material objects that draws a curtain that shields you from the real things in front of...

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...say before a hand wrapped around my waist and another hand snaked around the phone.

“Wrong choice” The person whispered in my ear, grabbing my phone and throwing it on the floor before crushing it under his boot. I turned quickly and slapped him across the face, taking his time to react to run to the window. I opened the window, lifting my leg and throwing it on the other side of the window, ready to make a successful escape.

“Another bad decision” He says

I felt hands on my back and a heavy forceful shove sent me free-falling out the window. The next thing I felt was a sting and I was on the concrete floor. The cold concrete sidewalk was stained red with my oozing blood. I heard footsteps walking towards me.

“Two wrongs don't make a right, in your case it equals death” He says slyly and the last thing I heard was a slight chuckle, before everything went dark.
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