Demographic Characteristics Of A Older Brother, Care Taker Age Unknown Race And Ethnicity

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Demographic Characteristics Name Gilbert Grape Role: Older brother, care taker Age unknown Race/Ethnicity: White Name: Arnie Grape Role: younger brother. Age 18 Race/Ethnicity: White Name Bonnie Grape Role: Mom Age unknown Race/Ethnicity: White Name Amy Grape Role: Sister Age unknown Race/Ethnicity: White Name Ellen Grape Role: Sister Age 15 Race/Ethnicity: White Name Larry Grape Role: absent oldest brother. Age unknown Race/Ethnicity: White Description of family: The Grape family lives in Pandora, Iowa. Gilbert a Caucasian young man age 24. The presenting problem is grief and trauma due to father committing suicide. His mom Bonnie was especially affected by Gilbert’s father’s death has become agoraphobic (7yrs). She has developed a food addiction, with clinical depression. With Bonnie’s clinical depression it has led her to withdraw from the family creating a risk factor of instability in the family, creating new social norms, rules and dynamics (unstable functioning level 1) (Vanhook, 2014). This is displayed towards the bottom of the paper as a genogram (Vanhook, 2014). Due to the father (Arthur) suicide there has been family dysfunction and conflict, with Gilbert and others having the perceptions that the family is ‘stuck in time’. Throughout this interview, the presenting issues appear to be ambivalent relationships, caretaker strain (as determined by a high score on the Caregiver Strain Questionnaire–Short Form (CGSQ-SF)). Gilbert appears to have role confusion with emerging adulthood and identity. Gilbert explains the joy and anger he feels as being solely responsible for his autistic little brother (Arnie), who also has congenital heart defects. Gilbert plays the role of an older bro... ... middle of paper ... skills or employment. Goals in aiding individuation and differentiation for Gilbert including various interventions of habits or things he would like to change (behavior modification), optimizing Gilbert’s learning through introspection that challenges one’s current ways of thinking. References Coppin et al. (2006). Disability & Socioeconomic Status. Retrieved July 24, 2016, from Parker, L. (n.d.). Analysis of Gilbert Grape - Parker Analysis of Gilbert Grape. Retrieved July 24, 2016, from Van Hook, M. (2014). Social Work Practice with Families: A Resiliency-based Approach. Lyceum Books, Incorporated. Genogram: from Ecomap of resources Culturagram

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