Democratic Ideology

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In order for understanding to materialize concerning democratic ideology, one must try to understand the beginnings of the subject, how it came about, who were the players involved? Also, how did those involved use their theory to develop it? Further, one should try to understand the different methods of its use. Finally, one should seek the criticisms in order to better understand the possible shortcomings of it. Democratic Ideology is a very complex multifaceted mythology and if one is to broaden their understanding of it must thoughtfully review each of these areas. How did democratic ideology begin and who were the founders of it? The Age of enlightenment saw the birth of democratic ideology. The Age of Enlightenment brought forth a desire; probably not a new desire, but the dawn of a plan, a new ideology. throughout the centuries, people have lived and died without so much as a hope for a change for the better; democratic ideology helped change for the better to take root. The most basic idea of democratic ideology is that people; all people, are essentially the same and that each person has a right to voice who governs them and what steps they use to do so (Baradat, 2011, 68). Legetimate power, most often is understood and welcomed by the people. History has shown that an illegitimate ruler or government will face opposition from the governed as seen in the example of the Mugabe government of Zimbabwe (, 2008). A credible government must have the faith and backing of the people in order to gain legitimacy, not only for the people who live under the said government but in the eyes of the world as well. The social contract was the basic idea that led to the development of the democratic ideology. Sever... ... middle of paper ... ...nflict with a federal law, the clause would give the authority to the federal level. Another invention of the founders was the Presedential-Congressional System, in this system, the executive and legislative branch are elected separately and to fixed terms of office (Baradat, 2011, 124). This democratic ideology and the method of its use is enveied all over the world. In conclusion, we see that the democratic ideology is a vast, multi-facteted idea, brought together by many people with different ideolgy all bringing something to the table. What was created is a facenating thing; the most beloved, hated government ideology ever devised. This ideology gived people avoice and an ability to follow dreams and lessens the sting of defeat. Democratic ideiolgy brightens the future of the people's reality and is a shining example across the globe. Works Cited Baradat, 2011
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