Democracy in America

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In the nineteenth century, when the influences of a recent democratic society began to spread among the Americans, the equality of gender, the role of women, and the family began to change into an individualistic culture. In the United States, democracy opens up new beliefs on equality among the role of gender. In Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville argues on how Americans were able to see the roles of gender more equally important than the Europeans. The Americans recognize the roles of the women and men important in being part as a contribution in the community. Each of the gender contains the same understanding that makes the American gender undetectable. For example, Tocqueville notice, in the United States, that the American women, “who often exhibit a masculine strength of understanding and a manly energy, generally preserve great delicacy of personal appearance and always retain the manners of women, although they sometimes show that they have the hearts and minds of men”(Tocqueville 230). Since the Americans have the democratic mentality, they are able to express in an individualistic role among themselves in society. In the United States, the American women are more respected and have more liberty than the Europeans women. American women are able to expose themselves in the community to become more alert of their society. For example, young American women are able to confront the reality of their roles in the community and learn to gain the understanding and character to become conscious women. In the concept of marriage, the American women are the ones that present the appropriate values and customs in order to obtain stability and prosperity in the society. The role of the family have changed in America, i... ... middle of paper ... ...e lesser concern of life”(Tocqueville 202). Democracy in America has made new adjustments in the social lives of the Americans on becoming more aware of their community and their position in society. In the political system, the fear of not being able to handle the power of the majority had brought concerns on how this unlimited power should be control. Therefore, the jury, the associations, and the newspapers have been able to bring equality among the citizens in order to be involved into the administrative system. Individualism has been spread among the Americans that their self-interests have become of their actions and beliefs. In religion, the Americans seems to relate the principle of self-interest into their beliefs, but the good judgment and values are seem through the role of the women and the intentions of the government with communal corporatism.

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