Democracy for Ghurkhas

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Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried. -Winston Churchill Ghurkha Rights to British Citizenship The Ghurkhas have recently won one of their longest ever battles, the right to British Citizenship. It is expected that Tony Blair will shortly announce that they will hence forth be given the right to apply for British citizenship after leaving the army. This accomplishment follows a lengthy campaign to win theses Nepalese soldiers the right to live in the UK and an 18 month review conducted by defence chiefs and officials from the Home and Foreign Office. Whilst the Ghurkhas are comparatively pleased with this result, they are still not totally satisfied due to the cut off date which has been set as July 1st 1997, and means that no soldier discharged before this date is able to claim or even apply for Citizenship, and therefore around 25% of those remaining in the UK will be forced to return to Nepal. When announcing these changes to the immigration policy, the Prime Minister will state that "The Ghurkhas have served this country with great skill, courage and dignity during some of the most testing times in our history. They have made an enormous contribution, not just to our armed forces, but to the life of this country and, it is important their commitment and sacrifice is recognised." The time and money taken to reach this most valuable conclusion could have been saved were Britain not a democracy.
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