Democracy Vs Democracy

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Democracy, what is it? In a nutshell democracy is pretty much a government in which the people vote for what they want. The idea of democracy has spread all over the world in the last several decades and now can be found all across the globe. Even though the democratic idea is kind of expressed in different ways in some countries. For example some countries have a republic system which is only slightly different than a democracy. The main difference being, there are restraints between what can be voted for whereas in a true democracy there are none. So which are we, a 100% democratic country, or more of a republic country? There are two “types” of democracy, there is the direct democracy and the representative democracy. Direct democracy…show more content…
Attacking left and right with their words so they can make themselves look better and win by default. This is where the problem lies, the candidates spend so much time fighting with each other that they don't even get their point across anymore. Which then leaves the voters with so little information about what is going to change they don't know what they are voting for. Then only information voters actually get is fear, “Change comes with both fear and some pain. These two ingredients create mistrust, misunderstanding, and misinformation. Such is the process of democracy.” (David Mixner). Meaning that voters let what is happening in the world, how it is / how they believe it is affecting them and, how it is portrayed in the media to sway their thoughts and opinions. Which sadly is the truth just look at national security for example, after September 11th 2001 national security skyrocketed because people were afraid of the possibility it happening again, so moves were made to prevent it from happening. However there isn't really anything we can do about it, with the rise of technology the media is now hardwired into the everyday lives of so many that fear will always be something that drives people's political decisions. The U.S while having some boundaries on what can be voted for is one of the best examples of democracy you'll find in the world. Even with
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