Democracy Is Not A Democracy

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Dictionaries say that a democracy is governed by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives. The representatives elected are officials who pass and debate on legislation on our behalf. But are we actually a democracy in America? Technically the USA is a republic. When it is all boiled down there are four separate insistences of presidential candidates winning without having the majority of popular votes. They are John Q. Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and to show it still exists in modern times George W. Bush.
Bureaucratic tendencies need to be fought for in America. Whether fact or fictional for legitimacy and accountability roles in United States government extremely valuable. Legitimacy in this case studies the prevalent acceptance of authority. Breaking legitimacy down to three categories consist of traditional legitimacy, charismatic legitimacy, and rational-legal legitimacy. Traditional legitimacy is the habitual attitude from history to the present government just like monarchy.
Charismatic legitimacy comes from ideas and personal charisma of our leader. Whether man or woman who has authoritative persona, charms, and psychologically controls society to agree with the government’s régime and rules. A weak political and administrative foundation goes hand-in-hand with charismatic legitimacy because authority with this façade most likely disappears without he or she in power.
Rational-legal legitimacy is a system of institutional procedure, where government establishes and enforces law and order in the public interest. The public trusts that the government will abide by the law that consults rational-legal legitimacy. A Legitimate government has to value the majori...

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...Obama are 11th cousins can’t so true for citizens to know for sure. Though father and son George Bush is no question hereditary successors. What we are dealing with in the case of American democracy is monarchy being a supreme power or sovereignty held by a single person.
The United States of America doesn’t have a king or queen. We have a constitution that is followed by each elected official and their successors. There isn’t 100% discretion given to the one ruler without communication from other people. The word democracy is used when politicians want something from “the people,” and they use the word “republic” when they don't. Regardless, American is unique with ups and downs but has windows of opportunity for citizens to matter as much as the President of the United States. Even the opportunity for the citizen to become President of the United States.
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