Democracy Is A Complicated By William E. Hudson

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I came to America in the year of 1994; I was born in Iraq during the regime of Saddam Hussein. My argument is a positive point of view of the American Government, because I grew up in a place where we did not have freedom. When my family came to America, we were able have opportunities that we were never able to have. As you know the concept of “democracy is a complicated” (Models of Democracy 1). On the first page of American Democracy in Peril by William E. Hudson, the book often brings up the exact definition of the government or the word democracy. For example, he brought up two interesting perspectives of the idea of democracy in America one is “the dictionary definition, “government (or rule)” (1). One point of view he brings up is what does “government” or “rule” truly mean, does it mean government is made by the people, and that all people of the government are directly responsible. Another point of view he brought up was the fact if representation was acceptable, and if so how long and how will it be organized (1). Now as we go on we will talk more about the government system of democracy, it is a quagmire of a word. We will try to debunk a few different perspectives that involve the democracy in the United States. There are many “precursors to modern democratic theory” (3) for example; we all know that the ideology of democracy is a rather an old relic. I would actually like to reference an example that Hudson commonly went over in the introduction of the book. Hudson refers to the Greeks and how they had a well-developed system of successful democratic communities, now the reasons why he brings this up is because we as a democratic society have chosen to emulate the Greek democratic system. Much like us until rec... ... middle of paper ... ...tical affairs, they observed that most ordinary people seemed to be apathetic and uniformed about politics” (12). During the early twentieth century, many political theorists agreed upon the same hypothesis, which was around the lines of how it was very often that in our society. Actually Some “elitist” theorists like Roberto Michels, Gaetano Mosca, and Vildredo Pareto” (12) thought that because of the past experiences with other democratic models from other lands was a prime example of why democracy would never work in the United States. One thing that could actually be considered incongruous is that even though this model of democracy is the exact opposite of a developmental form of democracy where as the government encourages their citizens to vote and gain more civic virtue. The pluralist form of democracy does not encourage their citizens to vote or have civic

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