Democracy, A Mixture Of Oligarchy And Democracy

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It is important for the two classes to work together for only when they enter into a partnership can either party benefit. In any community, the citizens need to work together in order to ensure that the city is successful and united. Individuals, no matter their class, are always striving to ensure a better position for themselves and this sometimes creates inequality for others. However humans cannot exist on their own because, “a human being is by nature a political animal” (1253a2). This means that humans are naturally drawn to politics and want to be included; people have a natural desire of wanting to belong to a group. Humans thrive when they are in a group hence the need for partnerships. A polity achieves justice because…show more content…
A polity is, “a mixture of oligarchy and democracy” (1293b33). Creating a polity shows how the two different systems are working together and a partnership is all about working together to achieve a better cause then what would have resulted if one had been operating alone. Instead, the two different systems are combined based on their best characteristics, which creates a new and stable system that benefits a larger number of people. A polity provides all members to have their ideas heard; mixing the regimes makes the line dividing the different classes much less pronounced. In a polity, “they all do participate and govern” (1293a4-5). A polity is a relationship between politics and members of the community, which allows all members despite their amount of personal wealth to be involved in important political decisions. Politics is about compromise and accommodation of natural differences such as class and is about ensuring that these different views of what is good are highlighted. Citizens are supposed to be allowed to live the good and complete life in the polis, but this can only happen when there is a balance this occurs when happiness is present for the greatest number of people. Justice is more than ensuring that the greatest number of people are happy; it is also ensuring that each party has its fair share of offices and honours thus ensuring that both classes are well represented in the partnership. Justice is all about balance and mixing claims and beliefs so that each part has a share and the middle class is able to create stability and avoid extreme ruling. A polity is the best type of partnership because the majority of citizens have power most of the time; compromise and balance allow for happiness; merit is preserved, but those who were without wealth and property have a voice in politics because of the mass
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