Dementia Case Study

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Dementia: People with dementia may be subject to mistreatment and abuse in the community or in care homes and hospitals. Those with dementia can be more vulnerable to abuse as they may find it difficult to discuss their feelings and experiences or remember what happened to them. Dementia can also make it harder to detect abuse. Lack of training is a noble cause of inadequate quality care. The staff may be unable to communicate effectively with people who have dementia. This can mean that people with dementia do not receive person-centred care, are deprived of their legal rights and receive inappropriate treatments, such as physical restraint. From the Middleton care home, two workers were jailed after they admitted that they had tortured…show more content…
Resident to resident abuse may be physical, sexual or psychological. Nursing home patients should be protected from other residents. Behind closed doors is a documentary inspired by a true story about a man who is living a lie. Frank had spent his entire life trying to ignore his natural identity, but after all this time, he realises no amount of time or prayer will make his true feelings disappear. Behind closed doors (BBC1), opened with a recording of a women’s emergency phone call as she was being almost beaten to death by her partner. Six hours into the assault she was able to ring 999 and then throw her mobile under the bed. The police arrived seven minutes later. One of three women, whose cases the documentary-markers followed for a year, from the moment emergency phone calls were placed was Sabrina. The second was Helen, who met Lawrence 10 years ago. For a brief period of time he was nice to her and her son, however when her son turned 12, he was having to run for help to stop Lawrence’s beatings. In between those years, there were assaults, promises to change, letters begging forgiveness. Police photographs show the imprint of his shoe on her face. Jemma was punched, dragged and strangled to unconsciousness by Dwayne, who would wait for her to come around each time before he started…show more content…
The difficulties of people with aphasia can range from occasional trouble finding words to losing the ability to speak, read, or write; however, intelligence is unaffected. The challenges of living with aphasia can impact how a person feels and interacts with others. In some cases, it can lead to: social isolation, anxiety and depression. British serial killer Harold Shipman, who worked in England as a medical doctor, killed over 200 of his patients before his arrest in 1998. The local undertake noticed that Dr.Shipman’s patients seemed to be dying at an unusually high rate and exhibited similar poses in death; most were fully clothed and usually sitting up. Later, another medical colleague, Dr.Susan Booth, also found the similarity disturbing and that local coroner’s office were alerted, who in turn contacted the police. Later, a more thorough investigation revealed that Shipman altered the medical records of his patients to corroborate their causes of death. Hiding behind his status as a caring, family doctor, it is almost impossible to establish exactly when Shipman began killing his patients, or indeed exactly how many died at his hands, and his denial of all charges did nothing to assist the authorities. Shipman had urged families to cremate their relatives in a large number of cases, stressing that no further investigation of their deaths was necessary, even
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