Delta Airlines Leadership Style

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Leadership is not just a word rather leadership is a process of social influence of one person on others to aid and to support their role in order to achieve the combined purpose. Leadership is thus not a role or a position, but an act of achieving the tasks assigned. So being a leader is an adventure because the whole situation of success and failure surrounds the leader’s role. It is rightly said that if you are the driving force or the source of inspiration for others, if you are the ladder to the top destination then you are the leader. If you are the source for others to flourish, you are an inspiring leader. To command the great things is not at all an easy task. Leadership is an art to mold others according to your own plans and way…show more content…
Woolman worked closely with him during his time as CEO. Adapting to his core values of what created the Delta family promised a great future ahead for the company. It was not until Ron Allen became CEO did the company start to turn south. I believe the reasoning behind Ron Allen’s failures were because he had little to no exposure to Mr. Woolman and his core values he deployed to create a successful airline. The Delta Board told Ron Allen it was over in early 1997, but allowed him to remain with the company until the summer. At the time they terminated him, the Board reportedly had no idea of who his replacement might be. All the successors after Mr. Woolman up to Ron Allen were all hired internally through the company. After the failures of Ron Allen, the Board of Directors decided to go outside the Delta family for the first time for the top…show more content…
This was a sad day for everyone in both the immediate and extended “Delta family,” a day perhaps as sad in its own way as the death of Mr. Woolman almost 40 years before. The sadness mixes with fear by employees and retirees, their families, stockholders, customers, vendors, taxpayers, governments and all others among the tens of thousands impacted by the bankruptcy. Leadership decisions by Delta’s Board and CEO’s over a long period of years laid the foundation for Delta to be in a position where the factors would have a large enough impact to result in bankruptcy. By promoting Ron Allen to CEO, primarily because he had moved up the chairs in the company through Beeb’s efforts, the Board showed their lack of awareness of the need for a strategist to deal with the fundamental changes taking place in the airline industry. Then the Board brought in Leo Mullin and gave him free rein for 6 ½ years to turn a cash rich company into one in such poor shape financially that his successor had to turn to expensive sources of money to keep the company

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