Deliver Me From Evil

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" Please help me. My husband is coming home soon and I need someone to come get me out of here quickly! " At this point Nicole is very distressed as the operator tries to calm her down and asks for her name. Nicole tries her best to compose herself, to stop herself crying, she eventually manages to speak, " He's been beating me and I can't stand it anymore, I feel like killing myself! I need help. Someone please, come quickly. Oh hurry, he's coming! Sorry I've got to go." Her husband Vinnie enters the house from a hard days work and notice's Nicole's suspicious behaviour. He wonders what she is doing and notices the phone slightly off the hook. He lifts the receiver and presses 'redial'. " Hello, Emergency Services. Do you require police, fire or ambulance? " He furiously slams the phone down and glares at Nicole. He thunders across the room to her and with a horrifying blow, hits her across her face. She immediately falls to the ground, banging her head on the edge of the fireplace. She looks up dazed and crying holding her head. She pleads for him to stop. " Not again, please. " Vinnie goes to strike her again but there is sudden banging at the door. Not knowing who it is, Vinnie grabs Nicole by the hair, dragging her into the kitchen, then opens a cupboard door and orders her to get in it. Then he threatens her, speaking in a low and threatening voice, " Don't dare even scream or try to speak. " He goes to walk away but turns round sharply and finishes saying, " In fact, don't even breathe! " He walks away from her to open the front door and notices two policemen standing on his doorstep. They explain to Vinnie that they had received a distressing phone call from his house. Vinnie says, " I'm really sorry for the hassle, but it was just my friend's child messing about with the phone, we didn't realise but
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