Delinquency Research Paper

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Negative influence of parents leads to the appearance of adolescent delinquency; these children are commonly raised by authoritarian parents, indulgent and neglectful. The lack of attention as well as adolescents, parental warmth, attachment and communication, monitoring and discipline do have a negative effect on delinquency. All these social problems are chains carrying the families from generation to generation, as most of these parents have had a very difficult childhood, and have been raised with physical and verbal abuse. These parents grow copying the same style from their parents, which is authoritarian parenting. There are two concepts to describe the parenting dimensions, responsiveness and demandingness. These two concepts have distinct measures. Responsiveness involves those aspects of the parent-child relationship in which the parent shows support towards the child and recognizes they have basic needs. Parent-youth relationship, parent child communication and adolescent involvement in family routines are dimensions that measure responsiveness. These parents are involved in the education of their children, proving to be responsible parents, guiding their children with love by the way of learning. The second concept, demandingness involves parental controls implemented to not only protect the child, but provide boundaries. Parental monitoring, strictness and limit setting are the three dimensions used to measure demandingness. With these three dimensions is analyzed, the behavior of the parents and the use of parenting styles. High demandingness and responsiveness is associated with authoritative parenting and high demandingness, but low responsiveness is associated with authoritarian parenting. Indulge... ... middle of paper ... ..., allowing them to do what they want and giving material things to reward the time they cannot have together. These parents tend to avoid confrontation often allowing inappropriate behavior. Permissive parenting is characterized by a lack of adult control over the child. These parents allow a child or adolescent to self-regulate without concern for the effects of their actions. Social bonds share with parents, friends and employers, for example, keep individuals from engaging in criminal behavior and delinquency. Conversely, an individual with weak social bonds can more easily commit crime as they are not invested within the expectations and values of society. To break this chain that most parents take is very important to educate and help parents by providing resources so they can get better tools to educated their children, and have a better quality of life.

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